Game Of Rap ♬ Preseason♬: Baby Beretta Racks 75% Against DynastytheGoddess’ 25% – Nana Gets A Pass

BABY VS JANAEThe powerful battle between thriving lyrical artists inside of our universe continues to build as committee votes count while the end of November approaches. A total of four votes made it’s way to our universe and three are in favor of Baby Beretta’s “Bang Bang Rihanna” while DynastytheGoddess’ “Zombie” takes in only one. The exciting matchup between both female artists was one of the most popular battles promoted across the Internet Hollywood and the alternative social media universe in the preseason. Baby Beretta’s polished style and unique sound creates a vibe that attracts listeners of both genders and that could very well be what won over three members of our committee after entering “Baby Beretta” in the preseason. Arguably DynastytheGoddess has proven her lyrical abilities to be beyond one of the most vicious styles ever created from a female rapper on the underground and that will soon work in favor as the season approaches for December. There are currently 9 undecided votes that will be completely unravel throughout the month of November. Even though neither of these artists are on the billboard charts their matchup was by far one of the top three talked about showdowns in the Game Of Rap Series! Female rapper Nanapaul received a pass in the preseason but she’s expected to be in action in the official season in the month of December! We wish her the best of luck!

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