Game Of Rap Preseason: BDK To Face Off With Rap Group SOS Oct. 21st On Internet Hollywood Radio!


The Game Of Rap series is in full swing and the first official face offs is finally being announced. We have got it confirmed that Tennessee rapper Breezy Da Konvict will be facing off with power Pennsylvania headliners S.O.S. The random draw pulled from out committee chamber reveals the difference between the powerful Internet Hollywood duo and the upcoming Kingsport musician, which made an epic matchup. The song for song battle series will allow both musicians to submit an old or new song to Internet Hollywood before it’s compared on Internet Hollywood radio on October 21st. After the song is played listeners will have a full week to cast their votes in to support the artist they felt had the better song and why. All wins and losses will be kept on record from a statistics standpoint as far as the ‘Game Of Rap’ series goes. We would like upcoming artists to not worry about having a bad record in the ‘Game Of Rap’ preseason. When the official ‘Game Of Rap’ season begins the preseason records will be erased. The purpose of the preseason is to get Internet Hollywood celebrities in the groove of how the functionality of the season works in Internet Hollywood. B.D.K is a strong voice inside of our realm with extreme power that will stand against any force that challenges him. The upcoming musician stands different from all and S.O.S remains one of the top leading figures in Internet Hollywood. The controversial group is known to shoot cannons at other artists growing in our universe, like Snacks Giggaty and Cthree. Both artists will have until the 14th to submit two old or new songs of their choice to for the October 14th faceoff! We wish both of these amazing sides the best of luck!

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