Game Of Rap Preseason: Could Breezy Da King Or S.O.S Handle A Loss On October 21st?

breezy and sosThe tables are turning across our arena floors as artists all over our international universe prepare to square off on Internet Hollywood radio October 21st. One of the matches announced publicly involves Pittsburgh headliners S.O.S versus new front page headliner B.D.K. The reason for the matchup could easily be decided in their unique styles that stand opposite in comparison. The beauty of watching artists  collide with flows outside of what they are familiar with makes the epic showdown far more interesting. B.D.K and S.O.S aggressive flows shows content that’s heavily embraced by modern hip hop listeners. Expecting the best to come out the match is what many are anticipating as October 21st approaches and many artists from all over the world prepare for the gigantic collision. The hunger inside of these stars are rising and what they find lyrically will determine who eats in this battle for the throne in Internet Hollywood. All submitted material will be played on Internet Hollywood radio for listeners all over, who will later to share their votes throughout the week on who they felt won the song battle. What members of our committee is wondering is how would either participant react IF they take a loss. B.D.K is currently one of the most powerful lyricist in Internet Hollywood and S.O.S has plenty of quality to add up to that amount of energy. With that being said, we will have to soon see for ourselves!

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