Game Of Rap Preseason: Rapper Baby Beretta To Make $150 Every 3 Wins As An iHollywood Celebrity

baby b editBaby Beretta vs DynastytheGoddess: The first femcee battle growing through our international headlines is making its way to our front pages and Baby Baretta and DynastytheGoddess faces are all over it. The energy growing from the announcement have found its way into the chain that is circulating the wheel all upcoming artists are forced to ride in the Game Of Rap Series. The official date for the first pay per view is set to October 21st and four matchups have already been announced. Although each matchup includes top headlining musicians Cthree has not been listed in any of the matchups announced in the past week. The ‘Game Of Rap’ series is a motivational tool to help artists from all over the world face the pressure in being challenged while chasing after their goals. As stated previously, the song for song battle series allows both musicians to submit an old or new song to Internet Hollywood before it’s compared on Internet Hollywood radio. After the song is played listeners will have a full week to cast their votes in to support the artist they felt had the better song and why. All wins and losses will be permanently documented when the official season begins in the beginning of November. If an artist wins three times in a row they will receive a payment of $150 dollars and will have the option to wipe their losses clean for a small fee.  Baby Beretta and DynastytheGoddess is two of the very few female artists voted into the Internet Hollywood universe by powerful members of our committee. The first official pay per view kicks off October 21st at 9:00 pm (est.), on Internet Hollywood radio. You could tune into the radio station on Internet Hollywood’s radio stream on the front page!

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