Game Of Rap Preseason: Rappers Baby Beretta And DynastytheGoddess To Face Off October 21st


The ‘Game Of Rap’ preseason is on fire and more matchups are being announced as our first pay per view approaches. The latest news involving the official matchups in our universe is now taking a feminine turn for the better. Lyrical rapping lady song writers are going to be put to the test when their skills collide live on Internet Hollywood radio at 9:00 pm (est.), Tuesday. All wins and losses will be kept on record after listeners cast their votes throughout a full week in support of the artist they felt had the better song after its played on October 21st. The preseason gives all musicians an idea on how the actual season will function starting the beginning of November! All documented wins and losses kept on record during the preseason will be erased after the official season kicks off. Baby Beretta is a Canadian artist that grows off the influence of artists like Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, Foxy Brown and Honey Cocaine. Although DynastytheGoddess influences grows from a mixed combination of old and new music as-well, their styles are very different which makes this matchup even more exciting to listen to. The world of the complete opposites will face the eclipse as the shifting energy takes control over our universe the week leading into October 21st. All that’s left to do is wonder how the energy surrounding this matchup plays out as the week closing in!

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