Game Of Rap Series: BDK Collides With S.O.S, Gusto Makes Front Page, Wayne Gordon Advances

ghost editThe incredible preseason have finally come to an end and the committee will be casting in their votes starting Monday! The enormous impact each artist caused by their releases is enough to send waves through our international universe. The explosive energy filled our ears as the flare ignited from the spark that fueled the airwaves in our system with nothing but heat. Strong competitors like BDK and S.O.S set the tone off with a unique battle that carried the preseason series into two whole weeks! BDK continues to work his way through the struggles in life by strong arming the underground with his incredible strength when creating music. The battle between him and S.O.S marks one of the most intense battles that will ever be recorded by any member in our committee in the Game Of Rap Series. Breezy’s hard hitting debut will soon launch him into the top ten in our billboard charts alongside Jayson Diwa, Baby Beretta and Guddamouth. The other surprise we find inside the series is rapper Wayne Gordon toppling Snacks Giggaty, who’s submitted track could not be found a week before the final showdown occurred this past Tuesday. Wayne Gordon’s heartwarming track “Afraid Of The Dark” gained a gigantic amount of credibility after premiering live on Internet Hollywood radio for the first time last week. Prince Vega predicted the song will be a tough one for Internet Hollywood headliner Snacks Giggaty to beat because of its strong message. Rapper Gusto may have not grabbed the attention he was looking for in the preseason but it wouldn’t matter at this point. The Ohio rapper is now facing the front of our universe with his own banner! The name sitting to the side shines the light on the celebrity who’s definitely earning his keep by showing a huge amount of support to Internet Hollywood in anyway possible. He recently took a picture rocking an Internet Hollywood “U MAD BRO?” shirt and posted it on Facebook. We look forward to seeing what comes out of the series now that the preseason is over and the official season is finally beginning! The first pay per view is expected to take place sometime in December!

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