Game Of Rap Series: Cthree Returns, Jayson Diwa And Gusto Face Off, Baby Beretta Bangs Rihanna

c three new 1The Game Of Rap preseason has finally took a turn for the best as the official season prepares to kick off its first pay per view in December. The incredible matchup between all our Internet Hollywood musicians recently finished off this past Tuesday and voting is due to take place starting Monday. Jayson Diwa’s incredible entry was simply one of the best energetic tracks produced by members of his entourage. The lyrical underground hip hop artist started his debut silently and has continued to create a buzz for himself in our universe at a faster pace. His recent battle with rapper Gusto opened the doors for Jayson Diwa to finally be heard with high hitting quality club songs like “Kabuki Doll”. Gusto’s performance may have not been the best but his hustle in finding his way to Internet Hollywood front headlines are sharper than ever before. The biggest shock in the Game Of Rap series is the return of #1 Internet Hollywood headliner Cthree. The heavily known controversial artist that is known in our universe for his beefs with other artists delivered an impactful blow to rapper GudahMouth after his popular single “Higher Planes” hit. The California rapper is the first international rapper in Internet Hollywood to become the #1 hip hip male headliner on our billboard charts. The other exciting matchup that swept our nation was the battle between female rapper Baby Beretta and DynastytheGoddess. The lyrically gifted female rappers provided some hard hitting themes to fit their different style of music that made the matchup even more perfect. Baby Beretta’s “Bang Bang Rihanna” vs DynastytheGoddess’ “Zombie” track opened up a new wave of sounds that gives female artists the opportunity to chase their goals on a powerful promotional outlet like Internet Hollywood! We look forward to seeing the first matchups lined up for Internet Hollywood’s pay per view for the official season in December!

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