Game Of Rap Series: Snacks Giggaty To Earn $150-$300 Performing At iHollywood’s First Party

snacks giggggggSnacks Giggaty is currently ranked the #2 biggest male artist in Internet Hollywood and that remains a big deal. if the artist continues to make headlines through our universe he could easily rack in between $150-$300 to perform at Internet Hollywood’s first party next year. Internet Hollywood’s biggest male headliner Cthree is in the position to pull in between $350-$500 per performance if he continues to strong arm the number one spot like he’s been doing for the past three months. Snacks Giggaty influential power as the #2 headliner will soon be challenged due to his lack of headlining while new artists like Jayson Diwa, Gudahmouth and Loose Logic climbs on board for the international ride. Hartford, Connecticut’s Internet Hollywood chart topper is currently facing off with Florida rapper Wayne Gordon in the Game Of Rap Preseason and the votes remain tied at 50%. Without a doubt Snacks remains one of the most viscous competitors with a rear creative style that creates a sound many artists fail to process when going through a session inside of a recording studio. The first Internet Hollywood/ProjectXPlatinum party will be announced in the beginning of next year and is expected to be a sold out event. Snacks Giggaty’s biggest single rotating Internet Hollywood radio besides “Farewell” is “Always On My Mind”. Snacks and Prime Ex is the only artists from Connecticut on the Internet Hollywood billboard charts.

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