Game Of Rap Preseason: Cthree Pulls Strong 75% Against Gudahmouth, Gusto Falls Behind Jayson Diwa

c three new 1Internet Hollywood’s #1 male Headliner Cthree remains dominant in the Game Of Rap Face off with underground rapper Gudahmouth. Although Gudahmouth’s entry completely dominates Cthree’s entry lyrically the quality in the production that carried the sound of his entry outweighed Gudahmouth’s by far. The highly anticipated match between these two amazing artists was the last match put together by members of our second floor private committee. What struck our universe was the announcement that a matchup involving Internet Hollywood’s #1 rapper was actually going to happen after over a month of the artist being out of action. Cthree maintains his buzz through our international headlines by mastering his grind over the world of social media. It’s almost impossible not to find Cthree inside of a social media group with a direct link to share from one of his songs. Gudahmouth remains a silent name in our universe but the underground artist has collaborated with the co-founder of Internet Hollywood Joey Claris in a track years before. His name and song debuted on Internet Hollywood Radio during the Game Of Rap Preseason when Prince Vega hosted! So far four members of our second floor private committee voted and three were in favor of California’s Cthree. Gudahmouth remains at 25% while 9 members of our private committee remains undecided.


jayson diwaJayson Diwa will have a lot to be excited about after he reads about the latest updates we uncovered from the reports out of the committee. The Filipino artist has racked in over two votes this week during his battle against Internet Hollywood headliner Gusto, pushing his votes up to 50% in the Game Of Rap series. His opponent Gusto continues to prove he’s one of the smartest celebrities in our universe with tactics but the artist has not yet racked a vote from the undecided 11 members. The highly energized song “Kabuki Doll” delivers an explosive unique foreign sound with high quality vocals that pairs together each verse that goes perfectly with the dance track. Gusto’s “And I like it” lacked the quality and production that could’ve matched Diwa’s powerful hook that remained enjoyable. Gusto remains one of Internet Hollywood’s biggest male headliners and the artist is expected to move up on the charts in December.

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