Game Of Rap Preseason: Gusto Opponent On October 21st Revealed – Jayson Diwa

Jayson Diwa Vs Gusto

The Game Of Rap preseason is beaming down our necks and the steam is only getting hotter. The highlighted discussion on Internet Hollywood radio included the recent matchups between rappers from all over the world that will collide October 21st. Although the the entire lineup is yet to be revealed, an announcement yesterday broke the news that Ohio rapper Gusto will be taking on filipino rapper Jayson Diwa! Jayson Diwa’s force behind music will be challenged by one of our biggest headliners during the iHollywood radio showdown that will document all wins & losses. After two songs of their choice is played listeners will have a full week to cast their votes in to support the artist they felt had the better song and why. Gusto continues to prove that being a controversial artist is not the only way an artist in Internet Hollywood could top the headlines. The upcoming Internet Hollywood celebrity is currently ranked the #6 male headliner in our universe. The biggest accomplishment very few of the male headliners in our universe can applaud themselves for is making it in the December issue of Internet Hollywood that is expected to be released in late December. If Gusto continues to find ways to headline in Internet Hollywood it’s clearly going to make him the leading male headliner in no time!

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