Game Of Rap Preseason: S.O.S And Cthree Beef Erupts Infront Of An Internet Hollywood Reporter


After a month of silence multiple shots between Cthree and S.O.S were again exchanged over Facebook after an Internet Hollywood promoter updated the artists on the start of the ‘Game Of Rap’ series on October 4th. The heated argument occurred after members from S.O.S started taunting other competitors inside of the Game Of Rap series. Of course comments like “phony” didn’t sit right with Internet Hollywood leading headliner Cthree who have been feuding with the group for almost two months now. Cthree responded “Ya’ll talk to much” before Mise of S.O.S fired back “you got real competition now f–k boi.” Although the  shots carried on for a couple of minutes, it was enough to capture the attention of other competitors like Gusto, Bigant and Wunlife. The other artists urged that both sides keep talking to a minimum and settle it in the Game Of Rap series. We could only hope to see an amazing match up happen between the group and Cthree, but S.O.S is scheduled to take on B.D.K on October 21st instead.  We will keep you updated on the latest news as it all develops!

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