Game Of Rap Preseason: S.O.S leads Against B.D.K With 50% – Wayne Gordon Ties With Snacks Giggaty


The ending stages of the preseason is being shown through our Game Of Rap results after reviewing three private committee member votes on the epic showdown that took place two weeks ago. The incredible vibe inside the battle between BDK and SOS impressed the ears of those who shared the stream live on air when BDK and the rap group squared off for the throne. Three private committee votes was casted an two is currently in favor of Internet Hollywood’s 5th headlining celebrities S.O.S, leaving one to stand behind incredible rap artist B.D.K. The decision of those who favored S.O.S was made on the energetic vibe inside the flows S.O.S showed in their delivery that executed each connecting verse to a fabulous hook. The high quality sound of both tracks matched the flame though the levels of energy between the two remained different. B.D.K’s impressively dominated our universe with a flow of his own that has now helped him rip into the Internet Hollywood charts. The artist is expected to make his debut in the top ten next month. There are currently 10 votes that remain undecided in the between S.O.S and B.D.K.


Wayne Gordon is forcing his way to the top after recent votes shows his fight with Snacks Giggaty remains the highlight of Internet Hollywood’s rap series. Recent votes shows four committee votes were entered and two of each where in favor of both competitors! Snacks Giggaty’s battle to the top remains hot as the artist continues to hold tightly onto the number two spot and that hasn’t changed for over two months now. Wayne’s powerful message is directing the positive energy where he wants and that is the reason he’s gaining 50% of the vote alongside Snacks Giggaty. Wayne Gordon is expected to move up a few slots on the billboard charts next month. There are currently 9 undecided votes in the battle between Snacks Giggaty and Wayne Gordon! More updates will be coming by Monday!

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