Game Of Rap Series: B.D.K To Land In ‘Top Ten’ Billboard Charts, Wayne Gordon & Gusto To Move Up – Where’s Cthree?

free artworkA gigantic change is predicted to take place in the month of December as numerous drops prepare to be announced. Numerous members in our committee is already speculating whether or not Cthree will remain the #1 male headliner inside of our universe after over a month of being completely silent. The reason of his silence remains unclear but the California rapper is finally back and swinging harder than ever before. The argument is still at large when debating on Cthree’s timing upon returning to claim the throne that remains under his grasp. B.D.K continues to improve his performance in our international universe and that reason will very well be why he’ll soon be debuting on the billboard charts starting next month. B.D.K continues to expand larger by the day as his name continues to gain credibility in the Game Of Rap series. His impressive release created the beast that quickly bit into our front page headlines right after it’s debut against rap group S.O.S on Tuesday. Other artists that should be excited is rappers Wayne Gordon and Gusto! A very solid prediction coming out of our committee guarantees that the two artists will be moving up on the charts next month! Wayne Gordon and Gusto deserves all the credit in the world for their amazing effort in sustaining a strong buzz without engaging into any controversy.  Wayne and Gusto’s similarities remain the same when it comes to keeping silent on certain issues and that alone created an advantage many other musicians didn’t see in our universe. The billboard charts is expected to be updated sometime next month!

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