Game Tournament: Millennial Stargaze defeats IH Vaughka’s 73 points with 96 in NBA 2K18

Gamers (PS4/NBA 2K18 Tournament) – Millennial Stargaze cleaned IH Vaughka out in the first showdown to the Internet Hollywood PS4 Game Tournament this past weekend. Stargaze maintained a heavy lead in their battle through their battle in the first half with 54 points against Vaughka’s 37. The ending results show the tide remaining the same against both teams and Stargaze made sure he was successful with the Golden State Warriors. When reviewing the scores of his starting 5 in the last quarter it shows, K. Durant with 25 points, S. Curry with 23, K. Thompson with 17, Nick Young with 13 and S. Livingston with 6. As for Vaughka’s five in the last quarter, L. James had 44, K. Thompson had 16, J.R. Smith had 6, G. Hill had 5 and K. Love had 2.  Millenial Stargaze will now be facing PS4 Gamer Moana Patricia this Saturday.

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