Game Tournament: Moana Patricia finishes off Lion Fall’s 72 points with 96 in NBA 2K18

Gamers (PS4/NBA 2K18 Tournament) – Moana Patricia won by a landslide against Lion Fall in the Internet Hollywood Game tournament this weekend. Moana pulled in 96 points with the Spurs and Lion Fall fell behind with 72 points with the Houston Rockets. The points for the last players that was starting five in the last two quarters shows J. Harden of the Rockets with 28, C. Capela with 16, T. Ariza with 15 and C. Paul with 6. As far as Moana Patricia’s last 5 in the Spurs,  K. Leonard had 22, L. Aldridge had 21, R. Gay had 12, M. Ginobili had 8 and D. Murray had 7. Moana Patricia will be facing off with Millenial Stargaze on Saturday.

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