Gamers: Millennial Stargaze leads against IH Vaughka with 53 points in the third quarter of NBA 2K18

Gamers (PS4 Tournament) – The Internet Hollywood PS4 game tournament is underway and Prince Vaughka is currently squaring off with Millennial Stargaze and the battle is a fierce one. Millennial Stargaze took IH Vaughka to war and dominated in the first two quarters and the board above doesn’t lie. The third quarter is underway and the starting lineup for Golden State Warriors is shows Kevin Durant with 19 points, S. Curry with 16, K. Thompson 11, S. Livingston 9, J. McGee 7 and K. Looney 3. As for Vaughka’s starting four; Lebron James has 23,  T. Thompson has 6, J.R Smith has 4. K. Love has 2 and G.Hill has 4 points. We will keep you updated on the game as it continues!


Current Record: Prince Vaughka (0-0) –  Millennial Stargaze (0-0)

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