Gatita Believes “Jealousy” & “Competition” Is Causing Feuds Between Connecticut Models

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Prince Vega – As Internet Hollywood expands it’s brand the formation of newer columns are being created to give talented individuals from all over the world a powerful promotional platform to get exposure. Upcoming Connecticut model Gatita is along the few young believers in achieving their dreams as a supermodel coming out the capital city of Hartford, Connecticut. Although she’s just starting her career, she has managed to engage in very few shoots with upcoming photographers in her local area.


Without much knowledge of Gatita we could only hope she takes on the chances of becoming a model very seriously as she engages in more photo shoots in the future. The last thing we’d want to witness is the distance between success and a less confident model who doesn’t take modeling serious.


crystal 1People are unaware of the pressure that comes with modeling being a female coming out of a neighborhood where so many females want that perfect shot. Gatita is another blossoming flower taking on the chance to plant her seeds and grow her perfect smile and body to flashing lights on the red carpet.


Internet Hollywood caught up with the new model to discuss her fresh start as a model who may deal with the negativity from other upcoming models in the city of Hartford.


“I believe that women are more in competition with each other vs helping each other grow,” she said. “Modeling is the kind of work where for certain jobs you pretty much have to make a cut to be a part of the project. Every women is better at certain modeling skills. Some are great in sports, others in bathing suits …a lot of jealousy.”

She also went on to describe how she brushes off negativity and pursues modeling no matter what anyone thinks:

“One thing I learned the hard way is that no matter how much people talk or try and bring you down you and only you are responsible for your life and what you do with it. Stressing over what people think and say never makes it any better and people will always talk regardless, so I never let any thing get in my way.”

This is Gatita’s first time ever being published on Internet Hollywood since the start of the popular website back in 2014. If she continues to pursue her career in modeling you can easily expect this gorgeous new model to make front page news on Internet Hollywood in the future! This gorgeous photo of Gatita was took by DTMphotography!



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