Gatita Lugo Begins Internet Hollywood Model Journey, Enrolls In Prince Vega University

gatita full 1Gatita Lugo just enrolled in Prince Vega University to begin her steps to become one of Internet Hollywood’s newest models. Her along with a few others recently received an invitation to join Prince Vega’s newly launched university that monitors the accomplishments of all its enrollees and rewards them throughout the beginning process of their career. Prince Vega University also connects newer celebrities to more established ones and forms a community where new enrollees can participate in most special occasions and directly connect to our universe.


Lugo has made front page news four times in the past three months. She recently spoke out against the city of East Hartford & Hartford, CT decision to cut funding for the fireworks displayed to celebrate Independence Day. She was first published after giving her thoughts on the growing tensions between Connecticut models. She felt jealously played a role in the competitive behavior that has caused problems between a lot of females with dreams of hoping to become top models.


enrollees 2The model unloaded a huge wave of random selfies that had dozens of people all over social media page going nuts. Although we can’t disclose personal information, the model did say being published on Internet Holly has had a huge effect on her life from a communicative stand point. She told us she received dozens of requests, likes and inbox messages. Now that time may soon find its way back to the upcoming new model now that’s she being published on Internet Hollywood  for the the fourth time.


Gatita Lugo has been under review by our committee of thirteen members who will soon hold a vote on whether she is eligible to become a full Internet Hollywood model as soon as August approaches. Her name will be all too familiar to our listeners and readers who will learn more about all of our enrollees and their views on popular topics!


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