Gatita Lugo In The Process Of Becoming Internet Hollywood’s Second Model From Hartford County

Gatita 6Prince Vega – Finally after two years waiting, another female from the Hartford County may soon be represented as a Internet Hollywood model. Upcoming model from Hartford, CT by the name of Gatita Lugo has captured Prince Vega’s attention after the Internet Hollywood founder seen potential in several of her photo shoots with Urban Eye Candi. The model has appeared in several local shoots in her area and has done a good job collaborating with extremely active photographers in her county.


Lugo made her first appearance as headliner in Internet Hollywood earlier this month after she opened up about the publicly known feuds between models in the Hartford County. She was one out of the handful of girls who felt jealously played a major role alongside the competitive nature, saying “Every women is better at certain modeling skills. Some are great in sports, others in bathing suits.”


Internet Hollywood caught up with the model again to get her thoughts on being reviewed by our thirteen member committee who will vote on whether she’ll be made a Internet Hollywood celebrity or not. She said she was “honored” with hopes of showing people that anyone with the right encouragement from Hartford can make it.


“I would honestly have to say that I wouldn’t look at it as a opportunity but more of a honor. I have done my research and have noticed that you guys work as a great team and push and encourage each other. I have seen nothing but positivity coming from Internet Hollywood and I would really hope to accomplish nothing more but to move forward and show people that if me a young women from Hartford can make it out of here so can any one else with the right encouragement.”

Reporter: Do you have any worries about stepping into a new world with a totally different crowd that doesn’t know you? Over 90% of Internet Hollywood traffic is not from the state of Connecticut. You haven’t had thoughts on what it may be like? What are you hoping it is like?


“As far as worries none what so ever one thing I learned is there’s gonna be people who love your work and people who won’t. People who will support you and people who won’t. Another thing I learned is that stressing over any thing negative will never make it any better. I’m always opened to new things and new people. I hope it’s very positive and I can only imagine how entertaining it can all be seeing not only your success but others as well…must be a very great feeling.”

Reporter: Over 97% Of Internet Hollywood models are established models that has been published with a following of 50 thousand and up. Do you fear that they may judge you based on your experience and look at you differently because you are not yet established? My real question is, Do you feel you are ready for the pressure you need to overcome to succeed?



“I do feel some what intimidated due to the fact that the other models probably have way more experience then me and may judge me, but I deal with judgment everyday and don’t plan on letting any thing bring me down or have me thinking twice about anything I have my mind set on. Everyone starts some where and this is my beginning. I hope to encourage women every where and I feel beyond ready for everything that comes my way. If it was easy it wouldn’t be worth it right”

This isn’t the only thing in the works for Gatita. There is rumors spreading that things other then modeling is in the works that may include a radio station.  We would have to wait and see what Prince Vega is currently working on for this gorgeous soon to be new celebrity.


All credits to the awesome photo took of Gatito Lugo was done by Dan Warren aka Jack Nickelz of Urban Eye Candi. Click the highlighted words in the previous sentence to check out his work

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