Gatita Lugo on East Hartford, CT Riverfest Cancellation: “It’s Not Fair. It’s Us Who Pay Taxes”

gatita 7Prince Vega – The Hartford, East Hartford, CT Riverfest & fireworks cancellation has been sitting with thousands of people uncomfortably and we are giving them a platform to express how they truly feel about the cities decision to cut off something as important as the biggest celebration of the year, which would’ve costed the city 100,000 vs the amount of 10 million the city agreed to help pay for a baseball stadium that isn’t even done yet.


First we caught up with an upcoming model from Connecticut by the name of Angie Sass, now we are catching up with the absolutely adorable Gatita Lugo who strongly opposes the cities decision to cut the biggest event of the year in Connecticut after wasting countless millions on a stadium that isn’t even completed yet.


“I feel as tho it’s not fair and that money is definitely being spent on things that really shouldn’t be spent on,” she said. “I mean every year people look forward to these fire works. Every year there’s no excuse on why we should have all gotten let down.”

Q: What do you feel is the real reason behind everything that is happening?

“I wouldn’t be able to say for sure, but I definitely think money is being misspent. I mean…like…a baseball stadium? Out of all the things Hartford could really use I really don’t think there being wise with what there putting money into and its us that pay taxes that have to take losses not them. In my eyes it’s not fair at all.”

Q: Why do you feel most people don’t pay attention to something as serious as this, but would rather pay attention to things happening in the entertainment business?

“I believe people look up to the wrong things and people as role models. Everyone is worried about celebrities and how they’re living and not paying attention to there lives and what’s going on in our world and how much it’s effecting our new generation.”

Gatita has shockingly expanded her presence in our universe with three front page stories in the last three months. She’s been strongly interested in becoming a Internet Hollywood model and everything still remains under review. Would you like to give your thoughts on the topic? Click Here and follow our page then send us your thoughts in a private message.


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