GBG Quese’s song ‘Whoever Want It’ passes 4 thousand views, rapper previews his second music video!

Musicians – If anyone has ever said Connecticut doesn’t have news coming out of its music scene they sure don’t know a damn thing about what’s happening inside of the city because I continue to find more and more new content and news coming out of the city everytime I get to a computer to scout something to write about in the area. This time independent Hip Hop artist GBG Quese is getting in on the action and he’s not planning on stopping his grind anytime soon.


The success following the release of his song ‘Whoever Want It’ which generated quite the buzz for the artist after performing well on Youtube. The song recently passed over 4.3k views on the video streaming platform and has pulled in over 100 likes since its release earlier this month. But the fuel inside of the musical fire GBG Quese started isn’t about to stop there.


I just saw a new teaser to another music video on Facebook that he plans on releasing titled sometimes soon that was posted by Tommy Bunz. The clip appears to be 13 seconds long and possess elements that could be found in Chicago’s popular drill music. The name of the song has not been revealed and the release date of the music video is not known at this time. When I find out more information on everything I will be sure to put it in another story that I will release in the future. Check out the music video to ‘Whoever Want It’ and the preview to his next music video below!

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