Genie Rose Announces That She’s Stepping Back From Modeling To Pursue Acting!

genie-rosePrince Vega – Model Genie Rose has done an amazing job as an independent model who has managed to establish a base to follow her latest news in Internet Hollywood. The now former Massachusetts model was published twice in the third-quarter of last year shortly after joining Internet Hollywood.


Now that a new year has come the actor is now taking her focus from modeling to return back to acting – her first dream. Rose announced that she was putting acting first on a Facebook post, saying that acting is her first love and she plans on pursuing it:


“Since 2014 I’ve been saying “I’m an actress and a model” but I have let modeling get beyond my acting. Acting is my art, my passion and what I love. I am no longer going to consider myself a model. going to give my art 1000% and only focus on my acting. I still enjoy modeling but I must perfect my acting and do what I truly love. Thank you so much for everyone that has followed me through my journey and seen me grow through modeling, but now it’s time you see me grow through acting”

Rose received an invitation to become an Internet Hollywood celebrity when a rep suggested that Prince Vega check out her work on Facebook. Genie Rose was then contacted by the Internet Hollywood founder and was offered a chance to become Internet Hollywood’s first Dominican model.


Rose may not be aware that her debut was a historic moment but we are certain she will learn as Arlene Diaries approaches in February. Arlene Diaries is known as the history book of Internet Hollywood because it keeps records of Internet Hollywood’s most important moments.



We look forward to following Rose’s acting journey and we will support her every step of the way. We are grateful to have her as one of our talented celebrities and we look forward to Rose’ journey to Arlene Diaries in the future.

The adorable photo of Genie Rose was taken by Massachusetts photographer Aj Throughmylens.

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