Georgia Rapper Jg Hitman Crushin On Gatita Lugo: “She Fine As Hell. I’d Date Her”

jg hitman newPrince Vega – Upcoming model Gatita Lugo has unexpected caught the attention of dozens of people in Internet Hollywood and she’s on the verge of trending in our community. New York & Pennsylvania artists Jay Burn & Carolina Blue has already weighed in on the new enrollee and now another League Of Hip Hop competitor is also giving his thoughts ~ Jg Hitman.


“She fine as hell,” he said. “I’d date her. lol. I wouldn’t mind seeing her twerk in a song of mine.”

He continued, adding his advice:

“Advice this is one of many steps towards the future. Stay dedicated and motivated off what you already achieved beyond self and never stop trying to learn and better yourself.”

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Gatita Selfie

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