Georgia Rapper Jg Hitman Takes On Virginia’s Richakawitness In ‘The League Of Hip Hop’ June 21st

jg hitman vs Richakawitness

The League Of Hip Hop –  As June 21st approaches Prince Vega continues to reveal upcoming matchups between growing artists who will face off in the most talked about league in Internet Hollywood. The first ever hip hop league designed for 32 rappers all over the world to compete for the heavyweight championship.  The second match up includes a dedicated rapper by the name of Jg Hitman and another rapper from Virginia by the name of Richakawitness.

Both rappers have entered in our universe a little over three months ago and remained eager to get their shot in the newly designed season that offers unsigned artists all over the world free promotion and a very powerful platform to get exposure.

Each rapper will square off song by song at 7:30 p.m. (est.). One of our previous articles broke down the rules pretty clearly: every rapper involved in the Game of Rap pre-season will have to submit a song Prince Vega will play live on Internet Hollywood Radio. For the remaining of the week future matchups will be announced while our judges votes on which one they liked better. The winner will advance to the next level with an undefeated record. The loser will also advance to the next level with a “0 – 1″ on his/her record.


Each rapper will have until June 10th to send in their song. The League of Hip Hop is also known as the ‘Game Of Rap‘ because of its similarities to HBO’s ”Game Of Thrones” which hold kingdoms, crews, alliances and also an Iron throne that holds the heavy weight championship.

How To Join?

Click the highlighted link below, follow us on Facebook then send us a direct message saying “Rapper 4 Tourney.” DO NOT forget to add links to your Facebook and music. Everyone that is chosen to join will be be sent a message with 1 more step before being mentioned on the front page of Internet Hollywood. GOOD LUCK WARRIORS!!

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