Get iiit: Model-Actress Lonnie Alex jams with DNCE and Rod Stewart at the VMA’s!

Internet Hollywood News – Now what would the Internet Hollywood world be without news coming from Las Vegas model, dancer and actress Lonnie Alex? The rising sensation was spotted at the VMA’s last month partying it up to DNCE and Rod Stewart who electrified the crowd with their song “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” and the crowd loved it!


I don’t really have to point out where Lonnie Alex is during the performances. She could easily be spotted in the crowd in her beautiful purple dress and round black hat. The snipped photos attached to this story should help you spot her.


I first learned about Alex appearance at the VMA’s after seeing a status she wrote on Facebook. The upcoming model updated a status on her Facebook showing off her beautiful dress with screen shots of her in the video. She also shared the link for everyone to check out as well.

Alex’s status:

“Jammin with Rod Stewart and DNCE during the VMA’s this past Sunday! 😀Got some decent screen time too! But Yeeess 70s/80s dress and cape, yessss! Wish I could have kept them.
Catch me in the video! I have a black hat on as well!”


Since the screenshots were pretty blurry but Lonnie Alex did manage to attach a photo that was clear enough for everyone to identify her in the video. Check the performance out below!

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