The Girl Next Door: Will Model Valya Romanova Become The Face Of Internet Hollywood?

valya newValya Romanova has closed the gap between the alternative and mainstream digital world by simply doing what she does best, modeling! The splendid results following the release of multiple photos she’s in immediately caught our attention enough to break headlines in our universe! Valya accomplishments this past week has proven Valya’s determination to succeed over the walls that holds her back from what’s destined in her path to greatness. The model is expected to appear in Vanquish magazine after being crowned Miss Charisma 2014 by Colln Charisma of Charisma Models. What could possibly go wrong? Valya has cracked the safe that holds everything there is to earn being an upcoming model in the alternative world. The face of this glooming beauty grows with a smile born to cover billboards all over the world. Her recent photos absolutely nails the painting that shows the heart inside of Valya that lives and beats for modeling! We could not help but wonder where does this young talented blond go from here? With such a wondrous gift to uplift the imagination through a photo by the help of some amazingly talented photographers, such as John L. Fisher, Robert S. and Brandon Landis, our Valya is more than ready to earn her keeps in the high ranks of Internet Hollywood! Could she in fact become the face of Internet Hollywood in the future? Soon we shall see!


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