Goldie Redd to Upcoming Models: Assuming You Must Get Naked To Make It Is A Downfall

ProjectXPlatinum model Goldie Redd the “Red Shoe Gal” is giving our reporters a taste of her opinions after one of our reporters asked for advice to share to all upcoming models that need it. Goldie didn’t mind taking some time off her busy day to play our little question game for about a minute or so (who’s counting?), seriously. The adorable ProjectXPlatinum sweetheart schooled us on the game and remained on point while speaking with InternetHollywood.TV this week. You can check her answer out below:

Reporter(iHollywood.TV): Goldie Redd you are one of the most active models dominating the world wide web through social media networks. Nobody can deny that you are amazingly talented at what you do. We both know there is millions of females wishing they were in your shoes. In your own words, please tell us what do you think would be the biggest downfall for a model when starting off?

Goldie Redd the Red Shoe Gal:

“Exploration of self and craft will only help improve skills, allow us to shine,”she said. “In doing so, they will build a diverse portfolio, at the same time discover what truly inspires them.

Second downfall is assuming that a model must get naked to make it anywhere in the industry. Absolutely untrue. Nude or implied nude work can be liberating and beautiful, however never required. It isn’t the only way to get noticed. Nor something that one should feel like they have to do. Stay true to yourself, but don’t be afraid to branch out and push yourself further. Learning what forms of modeling you don’t enjoy is as important as discovering what you love.”

Goldie may be a new face on Internet Hollywood’s front page headlines, but she’s not outside it. She continues to have strong relationships with dozens of ProjectXPlatinum members, including co-founder Isabel Vinson. Her professional services is available for those wishing to work with her. All you have to do is directly contact her by clicking the link below!

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Photograph by Raven Mabacabre Photography

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