Hairstylist Emdira puts her hands to work at the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show!

IH Fashion Show – Hairstylist Emdira was getting busy while styling hair at the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show and I finally got some pictures to share from those memorable moments. Photographer Catherine Hodges just sent me her collection of awesome photos for the night and I selected a lot to share with you. This picture shows hairstylist Emdira preparing the hair of independent Connecticut model Devi Doll. She was chosen to style all of the model’s hair for Eccentric Chic Designs and she did wonderfully. This show was her very first appearance to an Internet Hollywood party and Devi Doll’s second.

~*~*Credits & Links*~*~

Hairstylist: Emdira

Devi Doll (Lestata): Play Now – Facebook – YouTube

Catherine Hodges: Instagram – Website

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