Hairstylist Mandee discuss doing makeup, styling hair, her favorite colors, wanting to open up a salon, whether she’ll do modeling and more!

Beyond The Lens – Independent Massachusetts hairstylist Mandee is opening up about her up plans to make 2018 the best year possible. She also filled us in on what motivated her to take on the dream of becoming a hairstylist, what she learned, wanting to open her own salon, upcoming projects and more. Be sure to check out her page under the highlighted links below the story. I hope you enjoy reading it!


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Internet Hollywood: Hey Mandee! Thank you for taking the time out to chat with me today. I’ve noticed that it has been a busy year for a lot of talented people I been connected with through my social media pages. So it has been a great pleasure seeing them take time out of their day to fill me in on things going on with they life. I look forward to reading what your answers are to my questions. Before we start, could you give us an idea of what it was like when you were growing up and what inspired you to want to style hair?


Mandee:  Growing up it was always my sisters and I. I am one of eight children , all females and only one brother. Our ages vary greatly so I was mostly the oldest sister with my two younger ones. Busy mornings before school I always did my sisters hair. I guess that’s where it all started, my little sister being super picky of how she wanted her pony tail. We rarely visited a salon , money was tight being raised by a single mother. So I would just use my little sister as a guinea pig, cutting her hair with school scissors, using aluminum foil from the kitchen to highlight her hair. It was always just fun and games then.


Internet Hollywood: You are currently a student at an academy to become a hair artist. How has things been going since you started and what are some of the things you have learned so far?


Mandee: Yes I currently attend Lowell Academy Hairdressing Institute. One of my best and hardest decision. It wasn’t until my mom passed away last June when I really reflected on my life professionally. I was on the road to pursuing a teaching career, but felt something was missing. I thought back to that younger version of me when I loved playing with hair for fun. And so far in school it has basically brought out the hair artist in me and the joy of doing something you actually love. It’s a great feeling.


Internet Hollywood: What are you hoping to gain off of having the experience. Are you planning on opening a salon of your own sometime in the future?


Mandee:  I hope to gain any and everything I can learn. I get really excited trying new things. I do hope to open my own salon in the future. I work from home besides doing hair in school and the vibes at home are super chill, urban, and in the moment.


Internet Hollywood: Are you trying to style hair and do makeup for models at occasions like fashion shows, photo shoots, and other functions?


Mandee:  I would love to be part of shows and events like that to do hair. To be honest I don’t do make up on others (at-least not yet) but my sister Frances and best friend Amillie Starr are my make up artists and slay faces all day. I will be part of my first hair event in April actually. My best friend who is a HMUA (@Hairby_Amillie) will be hosting her first event called Back to the Future event, focusing on hair , make up and fashion. I will be one of the hair stylist along with her.


Internet Hollywood: What are some of your favorite products to use when you want to get the best look when doing makeup?


Mandee: Believe it or not I’m a less is best type of girl. I like the natural look so as long as I have my Marc Jacobs mascara, two faces double liner ( I like to say when in doubt wing it out!) and a nice lip color. Literally my look now , with a purple lip color . I am a mom of two toddlers so whatever I can get on my face that’s not coming from their mouth or nose I’m having a good look day. Haha #momlife


Internet Hollywood: I also seen that you did a little modeling as well. Is that something you also plan on making a career out of in the long term


Mandee: Growing up I was always told I was super pretty. But i am very humble about it , although very confident. My oldest sister always told me to be a model. But never thought about it as a career. I just happen to be very photogenic. I will model for my best friend who will randomly ask me to be her model to practice or for a show. But nothing too serious to make it a career. I just love to get pretty and shoot it.


Internet Hollywood: What would you say is your favorite style to do when your doing hair and what colors do you find yourself loving the most?


Mandee: My favorite style to do when a client tells me to do whatever I want. I will be in the middle of one style and then suddenly I got an idea to add something else and they love it. I really love vibrant colors. They are fun, funky and not part of the norm. I mean i went green not knowing if i would pull it off. But that’s what’s fun about colors, you make it fit you , it’s about how you feel.


Internet Hollywood: Last question; when you officially graduate school what will be your next step?


Mandee:  I would love to get the “salon experience “ as a professional, get my foot in the door so when I do have my own salon I’ve gained some experience hands on. At the same time I’ll be getting my team together and really working on my own business coming up.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Mandee!


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