Hamp Latest Music Video For “Judge Me” Featuring ‘Late Nite Snacks’ Is Straight FIRE!!!!

hampPrince Vega – Hamp’s latest music video “Judge Me” featuring Late Nite Snacks is a track that’s brings the exact flames that makes names front page news in our universe. The two publicly known Connecticut rappers teamed up with RvlvR Clips and put on a spectacular performance that made the awesome editing work by Rvlvr Clips even more exciting to watch.

Hamp’s smooth melodic flow tied into a catchy hook that Snacks twisted up with his modernized mainstream flow has connected two powers that provided a unique sound in this collaboration that’s hard to ignore. For years both of these artists has been dominating the music scene in Connecticut and nobody can strip their credibility away.

Although this marks Hamp’s first official debut in Internet Hollywood, we are positive that this won’t be the only one by a long shot. If he continues to do what he does best and make enjoyable music for others to hear he will easily influence our front page with dozens of success stories.


Snacks Giggaty is an eleven time headlining artist in Internet Hollywood that has competed in our popular ‘Game of Rap’ series that included 32 rappers from all over the world. He was the only artist from Connecticut inside of the tournament.


Hamp recently caught the Internet by storm after publishing a video of him feeding dozens of hungry people in need of food in Hartford, CT. Check out his latest video featuring Late Nite Snacks below!

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