Hannah Kjeldsen is pumped for the IH Fashion Show: “I’m very excited to be walking for Samantha Gottlich. She’s so talented.”

(IH Live Access) –  Independent Connecticut model Hannah Kjeldsen is really excited for the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show and she didn’t mind sharing that in a recent interview we did about the upcoming show. She expressed her thoughts on the night of the audition and confessed that she was nervous and didn’t think she would be chosen for the show. She also confessed that her confidence level grown after seeing her friend Makeaviini walk in the show. The result of both of their walk got them added to the lineup. Check out the rest of the interview!

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Internet Hollywood: What’s goody Hannah Kjeldsen?! We are weeks away from Internet Hollywood’s first party of the year and the talk about it has been growing ever since we started breaking the news about ya’ll appearance! One of the news stories that came out also revealed that you will be walking for Samantha Gottlich of NROR Art. How did you feel when you were selected to be in the fashion show and are you nervous at all?


Hannah: I’m very excited to be walking for Samantha Gottlich shes so talented. I was very surprised, to be honest, I’ve never walked before and honestly wasn’t expecting to walk at all that night but I’m very happy I did. All I can do is be the best me I can be, with that mindset I’m not nervous at all.


Internet Hollywood: You were one of the models that actually auditioned to be in the show back in August 2017. I remember you being the only girl that night that walked with a hat on and you killed it! What were some of the things that went on through your mind before and after the walk, and did you have any doubt in your mind that you would be selected?


Hannah: I didn’t know I was auditioning. I just found myself in the front of the line with my friends, I was panicking pretty bad but then I saw my friend Lena walk and she was amazing I got my courage back all of a sudden. I had all the doubt in the world that I wasn’t going to be picked for the show but I had a lot of fun and that’s the only thing that mattered to me.


Internet Hollywood: Back in May, news came out that your friend Makeaviini was also going to be walking for NROR ART in the fashion show as well. Do you feel this make things a little more exciting for you?


Hannah: I’m so excited for Lena (Makeaviini), she was amazing at the audition I can’t wait to see her walk again.


Internet Hollywood: One of the main things that are being discussed right now is the type of music we want the DJ to play at the event. What genre of music and type of songs would you like to hear?


Hannah: If a New Orleans girl can twerk to it I’ll like it.


Internet Hollywood: The night will definitely be something to remember for many people that are planning their special appearances. Outside of the fashion show, many cameras will definitely be waiting to take some pictures of everyone attending. Have you decided what you were going to wear for the event?


Hannah: I guarantee that it will be most likely be a variation of pink.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much for chatting with me, Hannah! I look forward to hanging out with you again at the party!


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