Happy Birthday To One Of Internet Hollywood’s Most Incredible Celebrities, J. Kristopher

JAY KRIS1Words can’t describe how hard it is to find someone as determined, dedicated and committed as our sweet friend J. Kristopher. Jay continues to amaze us with his absolutely amazing humor even when he goes through struggles at times in his life. The world around Jay knows that he tries hard every single day to accomplish his goals no matter how hard they are. We’ve witnessed the work of magic being created out of projects that features him, and even went through some sad times when some projects didn’t. The biggest motivation that touches our heart when following Jay is how he handles himself when dealing with challenges that will easily stop other upcoming actors from trying. I truly believes it takes a lot to achieve what people may see as easy when watching J. Kristopher when it’s not. Jay’s dedication is what makes it possible for him to find what he loves most enough to chase after it with passion. The colliding dreams that creates the scene he pictures inside his mind may be the reason why he believes in himself enough to dig deeper. His attitude is as warm as his heart and for that reason I’ve known from the start that he was as real as they come. I’m really grateful to be called a supportive friend to an incredibly talented person that has repeatedly motivated me to stand on my two feet at times I felt hopeless. THANK YOU AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY J. KRISTOPHER!!

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