Happy Birthday To Future ProjectXPlatinum Model Rebecca Tirino!!!



Words can’t describe how sweet some people can be coming up in a world surrounded by negativity. Rebecca is clearly one of the sweetest down to earth females I’ve ever came across outside of the professional world. Her emotions swings alongside her curious thoughts she use to analyze the moves done by others to greater her advantage.  Her style appeared a bit shy at times we first spoke but after a while she became a bit more involved with expressing herself, which I adored. I’m highly grateful to find friends at times when I feel work is getting the best of me. Rebecca pops out of the air through my busy day and without question expresses herself, and that is a reminder that always shows me I’m not the only one going through things. I wanted to take this time out of my busy day to tell Rebecca that I appreciate you and soon the whole ProjectXPlatinum will as-well. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!!!

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