Hartford, CT: Rapper Arkatekk Miles Changes His Rap Name To O’Merta

triggPrince Vega –  Rapper Arkatekk Miles will no longer be using the name ‘Arkatekk Miles’ for marketing purposes. The rapper made the public aware of his upcoming name change a couple of days ago on his social media page status.

“Changin my rap name by the end of this week I’ll let yall know ‪#‎NoMore‬‪#‎ArkatekkMiles‬ 

He is now coming out of the shadows an announcing the name he will be using to conquer super stardom – O’Merta! 

So how will this impact the artist now that the name Arkatekk Miles almost completely fills up the entire first page on the GOOGLE search engines? As of now it’s pretty hard to say, but we have to give him major props for coming up with this name before anyone else. Not only is this name catchy, but the tone of out rings a familiar bell whenever someone says it. Arkatekk – My apologies – O’Merta first made his debut on PrinceVega.com four months ago, after releasing his powerful ‘Where I’m Going’ music video. The content of the song was so powerful that it broke heavy circulation in Internet Hollywood radio. Click the link below to check out the awesome video!

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