Have You Seen It?: Rap artist Banga Bandanaz ‘Get Right To It’ in one of his latest music videos

Musicians – Rap artist Banga Bandanaz is known for lyrically tearing through music songs and freestyles in the underground music scene and his activeness in promoting himself through his social media platforms has contributing to many buzzing moments that communities all across Connecticut has heard about it. Whether reflecting on past battles, music videos, social media wars, or any other fuel that may have fueled the flames, Bandanaz has marked his name in stone with a gritty style of his own that nobody will deny.


It’s been a while since I wrote about musicians in my home state of Connecticut but every time I do I never leave a story behind with disappointment. I was one that always known that each of the artists I write about deserved more and as I continue to revisit their latest work It reminds me of how right I am. This new music video of Banga Bandanaz is another one of many that has found its way to our website.


The song ‘Get Right To It’ is another visual of Banga Bandanaz musical collection that is said to be one of many to come. Underneath the video it states the video is “only one of many song visuals that takes you on a ride through his mental state an outlook on the community environment in which he was raised. Stay tuned for exclusive new music from Banga Bandanaz he has a lot to offer.


You had your chance when I told you to come holla nigga/

You seeking attention like daughters without a father figure/

The internet said you was hot so you think you poppin n****/

don’t take it to heart cuz they say that shit to a lot of n****s/

You was talking like Spotify gone get you them dollas n****/

You ain’t got a gun on your side don’t shit in your waller n****/


You could check out the music video by clicking the link below!

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