Have You Seen It?: Snacks Giggaty & Hartford Po released a music video titled ‘Suspicious’ (Check It Out)

Musicians – It has been a pretty warm season in the state of Connecticut and I been missing out on a lot of the the action that’s been helping for the last couple of months. I just happened to find the time to take a stroll through the music scene to write about what’s been going on with the artist from the state. I came across this dope music video that has been out for a little over a month now and it is Snacks Giggaty featuring Hartford Po.


The song titled ‘Suspicious’ paints a detailed description of life through the eyes of both artists from struggles, betrayal, family, the streets, and more. Each artist also played their roles in the catchy hook that reflected the energy of each verses but with harmonized melodies that made the song even more entertaining to listen to.  I highlighted some of my favorite bars that each artist said throughout the 3-minute song.


Hartford Po

Ever think you got me slipping I’m gripping ___ this bullet /

Maybe something I’m missing you question if I’m gone pull it// (now)

Not to mention I’m still struggling daily/

Hoping you willing to go all the way if you ever play me//

Owe me go ahead pay me/kill me you ever spray me/

It’s on if you don’t finish me off word to my baby//



Snacks Giggaty


Time always matter don’t you ever ever switch/

lost a few good homies after dealing with a b***h//

Life been hard stay on ya job welcome to the mob little shawtyyyyyy/

I ain’t have no money wasn’t drinking on no henny we was going half on a fortyyyyy//

couple friends changed on me *****/why you had to change on me *****?/


The video made by Facey Shot It was directed by Christopher Facey and the song was produced by 2wo4our. Their were teasers of the video floating around the internet before it’s release. This was definitely a great mixture of lyrics that went well with the beat and the visuals were pretty much the icing on the cake for this video. You could check the music video out below!


Facey Shot It: Instagram –  www.faceyshotit.com

Hartford Po – Instagram

Snacks Giggaty: Instagram



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