Hayley Cartwright Aiming To Become One Internet Hollywood’s Newest Board Members

Holly Scoop – Internet Hollywood’s expanding universe has become a platform for talented individuals all over the world to connect and gain connections while receiving publications for all of their hard work. I made a commitment to publish news stories on all of these sensations whether they were established or not. I feel this will motivate them to keep pushing for their goals no matter how hard it gets.


One of those beautiful sensations was the phenomenal Hayley Cartwright. Cartwright has been showing an endless amount of support to Internet Hollywood and is committed to making Internet Hollywood a solid platform for everyone because she strongly believes in it. We spoke on quite a few occasions about her interest in becoming a board member in Internet Hollywood. The final decision will be made sometime in the near future.


Cartwright is a brilliant minded female with a very powerful vision. She truly cares about other people’s feelings and treats everyone as equals until they give her a reason not to. I’ve learned some interesting things about her simply by our conversations over Facebook. She is very mature and incredibly smart beyond understandable measures. She is very unpredictable (in a good way) and that makes having conversations with her even more fun.


Internet Hollywood currently has a private thirteen member committee that votes on everything when I am undecided on my final decisions. The board members are only used when a competition is taking place and votes are needed to select each sensations placement on our charts. As the committee undergo changes a more newer system will be installed for voting purposes in Internet Hollywood. Hayley Cartwright will be one of the names brought up in future meetings while these changes are taking please.


Eric Wallis Photography is the amazing talent that took the featured image of Hayley Cartwright in this article.


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