Hayley Cartwright Discuss College, Modeling, Attending Internet Hollywood’s Upcoming Party & More!

Interviews – Internet Hollywood has been booming with new sensations from all over the Internet that believes Internet Hollywood is the perfect platform to help establish upcoming talent. We’ve witnessed a great deal of rise in submissions shortly after Arlene Diaries took place in early February. The magazine also featured dozens of unpublished models who participated in a glitter shoot with MCM Photography.


One of those gorgeous models was 18-year-old Vermont model Hayley Cartwright. Cartwright unexpectedly dominated Internet Hollywood’s first magazine after being featured on pages 10, 20 & 21. Her Internet Hollywood birthday sign was ranked the #3 birthday sign. The other newer models that were featured alongside her were Dani Elise, Kelsey Smith, Nikki Smith, Anafia Rose and Mary Regina.


With that in mind, it only makes sense for us to get in contact with the beautiful teenager that has been published in Internet Hollywood twice since her magazine feature. We discussed modeling, the future, Internet Hollywood’s upcoming party and more. You could read the entire interview below!


Internet Hollywood: The Internet Hollywood party is around the corner and dozens of upcoming Internet sensations are preparing to come dance the night away. Are you excited about the party? Who are some of the sensations that you know that you are excited to see?


Cartwright: I am so excited for this celebration and all of the opportunities it has to offer. I am especially excited to dance all night, and see Prince Vega’s live performance! I am so intrigued that Vega and Internet Hollywood put this party together. I know it will be a blast for everyone! I can’t wait to meet my co Internet Hollywood sensations. I am especially looking forward to meeting Nilka DeTorress so I can compliment her phenomenal work in person! I am also looking forward to seeing two of my favorite women, Melissa of MCM Photography and Model Isabel Vinton! As I count down the days until the party, I can’t help but wonder what special surprises we are in for with Vega’s planning!


Internet Hollywood: Have you decided what you are going to wear for the party?


Cartwright: Yes! I recently traveled to England, and made a pit stop at one of my favorite stores, Lipsy London, to pick out a special dress for the party. The dress is a salmon pink colored. I cant wait to wear it! I am excited to see what all of the other sensations decide to wear.
Internet Hollywood: You were recently published in Internet Hollywood’s first magazine of the year. Your the first model to be featured on three pages without any Internet Hollywood website publications. There is also talks of making you a future member of the board. What is that makes you want to be one of the key thinkers behind Internet Hollywood?
Cartwright: I believe so strongly in Internet Hollywood, finding talented people in the arts industry, mainly music and modeling, and helping them to achieve their goals, while gaining a fan base through publishing news stories and medias. Internet Hollywood gives many people motivation and strength, however most importantly, I believe it gives many people confidence. I believe this organization will blossom even more over the next few years as more sensations are recruited. Because Internet Hollywood has inspired me so much, I would be honored to be one of the master thinkers behind the organization helping it to grow, so it can continue to inspire more young females, as it did for me.
Internet Hollywood: I’m sure you heard this before that you are very smart. The way you carry yourself as a woman is different from others. You really look out for yourself and others in the process. What was it that made you this way? Do people take advantage of you sometimes because of how sweet you are?
Cartwright: Thank you. I am the way I am today because of the influence of my parents. They have always taught me to preserve through even the hardest times because there is no other choice. They taught me to always care for others and be kind no matter what. Sometimes I feel people do take advantage of me befuddle they know I do whatever I can to help my friends, oftentimes putting them first. I have been trying to give myself more time to relax, but life is always just so busy, it is hard.
Internet Hollywood: You also are a college student that works insanely hard. Is it okay to ask what you are taking up and how close are you to finishing?
Cartwright: I have just begun my journey studying entrepreneurship and marketing. I am also studying getting my personal training certification at the moment. I am excited to see what the next few years bring me. I am a fitness enthusiast and will open my own gym after college.
Internet Hollywood: What’s the hardest thing about modeling an independent model?
Cartwright: There are a few things that come to mind when I am asked this question. Defiantly making sure the photographers are legit, and will give me my photos afterwards. It is also hard to find paid work, and gigs as well.
Internet Hollywood: A lot of girls use alias names to separate their career from their personal life. What made you want to use your entire name?
Cartwright: From the beginning of my modeling career I knew I wanted to start with beauty, glam and fashion to get my work out, then start to move to modeling fitness. This will go hand and hand into my personal life and career, so I wanted to use my real name to merge my careers
Internet Hollywood: Do you ever find yourself getting upset and wanting to quit?
Cartwright: Yes. Sometimes I feel like I am not good enough, like I don’t fit in. I am on the bigger side of many models. Since I do not have a ton of experience there are things I am trying to work on. Sometimes I have a hard time with my facial expression in shots, or posing in the most flattering way possible. I do not want to give up because I know this is just the beginning, and I take my shots that are not as good as something to work on and perfect in the future. Everyone has to start somewhere and this is what I tell myself to keep going! I look forward to everything I will be able to accomplish in the future.
Internet Hollywood: You definitely have a way of speaking with others and you don’t hide who you are to impress anyone. Has there ever been a time you felt forced against your will to do something you didn’t want? I noticed a lot of models had those kinds of experiences?
Cartwright: I am grateful to be able to say that there hasn’t been a time were I felt forced to do something I don’t want to do. I am very vocal and am not afraid to stand up for myself if I am not comfortable doing something. This is the reason I do not shoot nudes- I am not comfortable enough to do this.
Internet Hollywood: What does it take for you to do something that you were uncomfortable with before? Does it depend on the relationship you have with the individual?
Cartwright: It definitely depends on my relationship with the individual, specifically how much I trust them. If I think it will benefit me and would be best for me, I may begin to feel more comfortable with it. If I know it will not be good for me, I will not be comfortable!
Internet Hollywood: If you were an agency searching for new talent and you seen Hayley Cartwright would you sign her?
Cartwright: I would respond to the question with, by first glance no. I have seen much stronger photos from other models. However if I got to know her, and knew how ambitious she was, I would most likely sign her. Knowing she will never give up on her goals is a great attribute in a young lady. This gives her more potential and will benefit our agency. She may even motivate the other girls in the agency. Because I can take it.
Internet Hollywood: Where do you see yourself in about 5 years from now?
Cartwright: Everyday I work exactly for where I envision myself in 5 years. I will be somewhere coastal, owning a gym. I love inspiring people to get fit and believe that fitness is the best medicine for the mind and the body. I will be a personal trainer at my gym, and will hopefully soon after have a waterfront house. Each thing I do now is to help me achieve these goals.
Internet Hollywood. That’s really sweet of you. Thank you for the amazing interview and I can’t wait to meet you at the party!
Cartwright: Thank you Prince Vega for all you do for me, and the arts community! I look forward to meeting you at the party, and seeing you perform!
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