Hayley Cartwright discussed her Thanksgiving plans with us, talked about her favorite foods, being vegetarian, and more!

Topic of the Month (Thanksgiving) – Independent Florida model Hayley Cartwright gave us all the inside scoop about her plans for Thanksgiving and I was happy she said it for me to share it. I interviewed the model before Thanksgiving and meant to publish this story before miscommunication problems caused our website to be shutdown for a few days. But once it happened I made sure this interview was one of the first stories I published as soon as the website came back up (which is today). I hope you enjoy reading this interview!


~*~*Holiday Interviews /w Hayley Cartwright*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s popping Hayley?! Welcome back to the Internet Hollywood universe. It’s seems like it has been forever since we last talked and I’m happy we’re finally able to chop it up again. You’re one of the hardest working people I know. How has this semester of college been going for you? Will you be spending Thanksgiving there or with your family?


Hayley: It is great to reconnect with Internet Hollywood, one of the best organizations out there!
School is going great, I have been taking many business classes to prepare me for opening my own business down the road. Glad to have a bit of a break for the holidays, which I will be spending down here with my toes in the sand! ☀️


Internet Hollywood: Around this time of the year Americans are known to throw down in the kitchen and chef up all kinds of thing to serve at the dinner table. What are some of the things you and your family traditionally eat and what are some of the things you plan on cheffing up this year?


Hayley: Thanksgiving has always been different in my house as we are vegetarians! We love to eat lots of Mac n Cheese, turkey, cranberry sauce and deviled eggs. And can’t forget the pumpkin pie!


Internet Hollywood: I’m not much of a person that celebrates Thanksgiving but you’ll definitely find me posted up a table somewhere getting a plate. LOL. One thing a lot about this time of the year is that it brings people together or closer than any other time of the year. I always notice that the energy is a lot more positive when dealing with a lot of people depending where you are. What are some things you like around this time of the year and do you feel there is something you need to do before the year 2019 approaches?


Hayley: I love how the holidays reunite friends and family who may not have had the amount of time they wished to spend together throughout the year! The holiday joy is something I wish we could feel the presence of throughout the year but I guess that is partially what makes it so special!
As 2018 wraps up, I am trying to get back on a routine. I am working on incorporating the gym and meal prepping into my schedule.


Internet Hollywood: As children we grow experiencing all types of foods that we tend to like or strongly dislike during the holidays. One thing that i had when i was younger but hated with a passion was chitlins. Were there any kind of foods that you strongly dislike and would never eat around Thanksgiving time?


Hayley: I am not a fan of gravy, but other than that I love trying all of the dishes at Thanksgiving dinner and holiday parties!


Internet Hollywood: Although many people don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I’m sure we all could find something that we are thankful for. What are some of the things you are thankful for and is there anything you hope for in the future?


Hayley: Gosh I am grateful for so many things and people. I am most grateful for taking the leap of faith, moving somewhere completely new. Florida has brought nothing but blessings so far, and I just feel so grateful to be able to live where so many people vacation~ it truly is paradise! I am grateful for the supportive friends and family I have, and grateful that this move has shown me who my true friends are as many are only around when they need you. As I lay out in the sun, I often reflect about what I need to do to achieve the life I have wanted, and am so grateful that I have found the tools I need to achieve that. I am grateful for the personal growth journey I have embarked on, and am so excited for what the future will bring! The most important thing I have learned since moving is the Locus of Control mindset which I take as, one holding all control over the outcome of their future. Your future is the sum of all choices day in and day out, so choose wisely! In the future I hope to help others find their self confidence and life fulfillment! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We all have so much to be thankful for


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview Hayley! It’s always a pleasure chatting with you! 


~*~*Thank you for reading*~*~



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