Hayley Cartwright talks modeling, moving from Vermont to Florida, focusing on school, becoming an Internet Hollywood board member, her biggest lessons and more!

Beyond The Lens – Independent Vermont model Hayley Cartwright is a stunning beauty that lives for the grind that needs to take place to get where you need to be in life. Her hardworking past has put her in a different state, school, and path that will guide her to wherever she needs to be. It was the same hard work and passion that made me want to learn about Hayley more because I knew she would be an interesting act to follow. Hopefully, after this interview, you will see why for yourself. Enjoy the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Hayley Cartwright*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Hey Hayley! It’s been a while since we talked but that never calms the excitement I have when we do share moments like this together. I have been keeping an eye on some of the things you been doing since you moved to Florida and it looks like your having a blast. How are you enjoying your new home?


Cartwright: Hey Justin! It has been awhile but I am excited to talk- I am loving it here in Florida! It may have been the best decision I have made to move down here, with what feels like endless opportunities and sunshine.


Internet Hollywood: You had a really exciting journey up north and you hope to continue that journey in the south. Has building connections been a lot harder or easier being in a different state?


Cartwright: It has defiantly been harder to build connections down here. Up north we had a beautiful network of models and photographers, but that does not mean I cannot find something like that down here- just because I have not found it yet does not mean it doesn’t exist. I just need to keep looking, and I am determined to do so.


Internet Hollywood: Do you have plans mapped out now on what your next move maybe?


Cartwright: As of now I am focusing on schools and the clubs I am in, the American Marketing Association, Entrepreneurship Club, and my internship as a brand ambassador for the new App called Unimates. As I prepare for the spring I plan to expand my modeling network down here, how I am going to do this is what I am figuring out now.


Internet Hollywood: Now there is an adorable picture of you and a beautiful dog on your Instagram. It is by far one of my favorite photo shoots of you. How did that photo shoot come together?


Cartwright: Thank you! I knew I would miss my pup Nirvana so much while I am down here. Right before I left I saw a post by the talented photographer Lauren Farrington, looking to shoot models and their pets- I had wanted to work with her for awhile, as well as take photos with Vana, so it was the perfect opportunity! I am SO satisfied with the magical photos we created.


Internet Hollywood: Congratulations on becoming our newest board member. You have an incredible mind that will help lead our Florida branch in the right direction. What made you accept the offer to become a member?


Cartwright: I am grateful for the opportunity Internet Hollywood has given me to become a member, specializing in the outreach of the Southern branch. I could not say no to the opportunity you presented me with working with a group of such talented people, I also have some of my own ideas to bring to the board of how we can expand Internet Hollywood, and I look forward to helping to make some decisions to improve our media over the future.


Internet Hollywood: What are some of the biggest lessons now that you could reflect on your experiences in the north?


Cartwright: Living up north has taught me a lot, not only about modeling but about the professional world. The 2 things that stick out the most to me when asked this question are : a.) make sure the ‘professional’ you are working with is credible by multiple sources. b.) Looking back, I wish I had a contract then to guarantee I would get back a portion of the photos I shot at each session, as there have been multiple broken promises around this having a contract would have avoided.


Internet Hollywood: Last question; Are you still aiming to open your own gym in the future?


Cartwright: I have been thinking a lot about the idea I had of opening a gym, and have moved the idea to be more of a health facility instead- there will still be group fitness offered, but I would like to focus on halo salt therapy, massage, rehabilitation, etc.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much, Hayley, for the interview!



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