Hayley Cartwright’s new photo shoot with Eric Wallis Photography is simply breathtaking

Photo Shoots – Vermont model Hayley Cartwright lit up the world of social media late last month after publishing photos from her latest photo shoot with Eric Wallis Photography. I learned of the photo shoot after Cartwright voiced her excitement in a conversation we had where she revealed that she would be shooting with Wallis days before the shoot happened. I told her she was going to slay and I promise you that’s exactly what she did. Shortly after receiving the photos she published them on her social media pages then sent me photos directly in my inbox to share. As soon as I found the time I immediately got to work on this story.


After doing a little digging Wallis shined a little light on the background story of the photo shoot. He told me the photo shoot was about two hours long and took place at Stickney Brook in Vermont. He also explained (on record) what it was like working with the 18-year-old model.


“Hayley is absolutely a peach to work with,” he said. “She takes direction very well and is very easy to photograph. She has a great command of her body and know how it looks best for portraits.”

Wallis isn’t the only one that had heartwarming words to share about the rising Vermont sensation. She was recently made Social Medial Manager to MCM Photography in May by photographer Melissa Morris.  She is currently in charge of running MCM Photography’s social media pages and keeping them up to date.


I’ve long told Cartwright how truly amazing I find her to be. An amazing talent like hers in the hands of Eric Wallis is only going to end in the creation of magic. In this shoot, they explored the wonders of Stickney Brook and its waterfalls with astonishing shots that shows Hayley Cartwright in about 4 different wardrobes including a bikini. One of my favorite photos from the shoot shows the model soaked by the flowing body of a waterfall that passed her body as she stood to strike the perfect pose for Wallis. Wallis told me that him and Cartwright wanted to do a summer water fashion theme and Stickney Brook was the perfect spot. You could check out some of the photos I attached from the photo shoot below!



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Eric Wallis Photography: Facebook – Instagram

Hayley Cartwright:  Instagram
MUA: Natalie DeVincentis
Necklace: Tiffany & Co.

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