Here are 5 things Independent Actress Ileana Carranza shared in her last interview with Internet Hollywood!

Access Highlights – Independent Actress Ileana Carranza has always been one of my favorite people to chat with when it came to doing interviews. I took sometime out of what I was doing to pick some of the things we learned from her in one of our past interviews. So here we go!


~*~*5 Things We Learned*~*~


1. She never thought of becoming a model.


2. Her career long-term choice: “Definitely acting, there are no doubts about that. That is my passion. I love bringing characters to life and just being on set, it’s just this whole different world that I love. Just thinking about it makes me happy.”

3. She would like to sign to an agency in the future.

4. She hopes to get more connections and gain a lot more experience.

5. What went through her mind during shoots: “Depending on what I am wearing, I like to create a character and put on some sort of attitude that I hope can transcend onto a photograph. But at the same time I always think, “I hope my poses aren’t too bland.”


You could follow Ileana Carranza’s page by clicking the link below!




Ileana Carranza: Instagram

Photographer: Miss Beautiful Chaos – Instagram

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