Here are 5 things that we learned from Trife Snitte’s last interview with Internet Hollywood!

Musicians – Independent music artist Trife Snitte gave us a lot to remember in his first interview with us. The artist has been a topic worth discussing in Internet Hollywood


1. He was planning on releasing a mixtape. (it is now released)

2. He spent 16 years of his life incarcerated and wrote 56 albums albums.

3. His thoughts on social media: ” I really don’t like social media (Im real old school) but I respect it & it comes in handy, it definitely made my life a lot easier, but overall, I don’t really like it cause it got too many people doing goofy s**t just for clout. Feel me?”

4. The origin of his name: “Well I had my name since I was like 13 living in Bowles Park, but then a couple years later me & my brother Bless threw the Snitte on the end (for no reason). We just gave everybody last names, so it ain’t no story behind Snitte but Trife pretty self explanatory, I was a little grimey nigga!”

5. His music influences: ” I mean Mobb Deep was everything to me growing up & still is! But I was influenced by others as well, such as AZ, Onyx, Pac, & my older nigga Bub(RIP)! And then later in life Dipset too a lil bit, plus The Lox.”


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