Here are 5 things we learned about MA photographer Andrew Powers in his first interview with Internet Hollywood!

Access Highlights – Photographer Andrew Powers had some interesting things to share in his first interview with us. I picked five things from the interview that I really liked for the highlights. Here are five things we learned from Andrew Powers interview with us!




1. He’s a self taught photographer that enjoys landscape/nature photography.


2. Doing Films doesn’t interest him: “lm is not something that has really ever interested me. it’s more of capturing the beauty of the moment that will remain ever frozen in time. “

3. His services includes family/pet portraits, events, model portfolios, fashion shows and weddings, and more.

4. His advice to new photographers: “Dont’s: DONT BE INAPPROPRIATE WITH CLIENTS”

5. He has been doing photography for about 34 years.




Andrew Powers: Instagram – Facebook

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