Here’s a list of reasons you should book DJ Hurricane for your next event!!

IH News – If your head wasn’t under a rock somewhere you probably knew that DJ Hurricane was the DJ was asked to do the Internet Hollywood party in November 2019 and he did an amazing job. You may also seen the Instagram post where we gave everyone a few reasons we felt DJ Hurricane would be one of the best choices to DJ your party if you needed one for it. So here is the few reasons.


1. He’s very professional and diverse enough to understand exactly what the crowd wants to hear and how to build up the momentum to that very moment.

2. He engages with the crowd enough to analyze the vibe and lead the direction he stirrs the crowd in with his music selections.


3. His work reflects the passion he has for DJing and he’s a full time one with a lot of experience. You can’t go wrong with that.

4. He killed the last Internet Hollywood Party in South Windsor, Connecticut in November 2019. Why you think we giving him a shout out now!


5. He’s very positive and support others and his services doesn’t cost an arm an a leg.


Contact DJ Hurricane by going to @djhurricane860 or




This photo was taken by Andrew Powers Photography. Here is the links to follow him: Instagram – Facebook

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