He’s Hungry: Rapper Big Mach Releases Two Music Videos In The Same Week!

big mach 3

Prince Vega – Connecticut’s own Big Mach is hungry and now he’s biting into the Internet Hollywood universe with two music videos! The talented rap artist has started the flower season with an arson that may be hard for his competitors to put out. The first musical release comes in a collaboration with Joe Banga and K.O. called “Late Nite” and it was pretty damn good. Big Mach takes control of the first verse with an aggressive flow slowly developed in a smooth melody that perfectly rode the beat along-side K.O. and Joe Banga.

His second music video release rubs off the popular “Back 2 Back” track by Drake. The aggression continued with a more raw taste that made the 1 minute track more impactful from a content stand point. Although he may have been silent at one point, Big Mach is making it very well clear that any silence coming from his way is a moment being planned beyond the shadows that’s equaling out to a music take over.

He recently broke Internet Hollywood front page two months ago after releasing a song called Got The Juice with J.R. Writer and Papers. Big Mach has been mentioned in four Internet Hollywood articles and has headlined three of his own and our predictions is it won’t end there!

Check Out Big Mach’s “Back To Back” below!

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