Highlights: Model & Actress Kayla Caulfield talks to us about her goals and working with photographers: “I have been published in some magazines, and…”

Access Highlights – This week we have been shedding some light on some of our past interviews to keep people reminded of some of the things people were doing around that time frame before we follow up in the future. Here’s a highlight from a pretty dope interview I did with Kayla Caulfield. You could read the rest of the interview below!




Internet Hollywood: What goals are you hoping to fulfill as you continue down your career path and what are you currently working on now?


Kayla: As far as goals I am hoping to someday get lines in a TV Show or a Hollywood Film. I would love to go out to LA and take some classes and hopefully get to go on some auditions while there. I have to say I have met my modeling goals, I have been published in some magazines, and walked in awesome fashion shows.


Internet Hollywood: What kind of photo shoots are you open to doing when you’re collaborating with photographers?


Kayla: I love to collaborate with photographers that take the shoot to another level, I love dramatic makeup and hair, and designs, but I also love the classic old Hollywood type of shoots too. If feel comfortable with the photographer I am open to anything, not ready for nudes yet though.



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