Highlights: Photographer & Fashion Designer Mark Painter talks about his favorite style of shooting and the camera he likes using!

Access Highlights – It was definitely cool interviewing photographer & fashion designer Mark Painter in the past. He filled us in on a couple of things and also shared his favorites styles to do with photo shoots and his favorite camera to use!


“My photography is pretty lo-fi I mostly go for that raw American Apparel, Uncle Terry style. I have a lot of respect for photographers that shoot glam and are photoshop wizards and enjoy collaboration withthem but I also love raw pro-am looking images as well. I do like to play with natural light and of course get my best shots outdoors or by windows. The times where I’m stuck in my basement studio I make due with some compact flo and direct flash. I sell apparel on esty and I just need simple shots against a plain backdrop sometimes. I learned early on a tee shirt laying flat on a plain back round doesn’t sell very well and ladies apparel won’t sell at all unless it’s modeled. I try and test shoot every week. It’s a great opportunity for models looking for some experience and great for new and established models that want practice so anyone who wants to play dress up please hit me up! (email: painterproductions@gmail.com)”


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Painter Productions: Website

The photo in this story was taken by CW Photography.

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