Highlights: Rap artist Kuntry Kp talks about his 11-track mixtape “Pain Is My Blessing”

Highlights – In a recent interview with Internet Hollywood, Kuntry Kp shared some things and also gave us the inside story on his “Pain Is My Blessing” mixtape. Here’s what he said.


“Pain is my blessing was my title because a lot of my trials and tribulations made me strong thru the pains of life. Like losing family friends going thru the struggles and just all around understand god gave me purpose even thru my hard times. I have a vision for myself to use the music platform to open other doors besides just being a artist. I’ve learn when u got voice as an artist no one can take that from you. So I step outside the box instead just speaking on what goes on in the streets or what I do in the streets. I gave u past tense content from my past while presenting to you by the end of the project the man I’ve become. So my mixtape really was a book. Right now I’m just trying work on building my brand and do collaboration with other artist in Hartford. I’m currently trying work on a pipeline for Hartford artist to have an Georgia platform, being that’s home for me and I have a great support team. Woodboy entertainment and Pure Pro with myself being the face of Pure Pro south. I just got long term vision not something I’m just trying do for the moment.”


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