Hip Hop artist ANoyd released a bone-chilling music video titled “Cardboard Box” that will send chills down your spine

Underground Music (MM) – Hip-Hop artist ANoyd released a powerful music video last month that would send chills down your spine if you take the time out to really pay attention to what’s being said while the music video is playing. To be honest, the song is so powerful you wouldn’t even need a music video to channel in the bone-chilling energy that comes with the message he is sending in his lyrics, but the music video makes it clear.


ANoyd’s storytelling lyrical abilities reflect the tones of a few legendary rappers that comes to mind when I listen, Big L is one of them. At first, I had a little trouble grasping whether the song went through an entire story of one’s personal life with him narrating and giving us a firsthand view or him diving in and out of the story and connecting it along the way. But seconds into the music video it was very clear that this song and music video connecting two touching stories that are both connected.


At first, ANoyd goes into the life of a poor couple that’s living the life behind the cardboard box to get by. One of the fascinating moments is how he went from rapping under the skin of a person that picked out the trash for a beefy burger with pickles, to narrating the life of the person who actually put the burger in the trash. It was one of the most clever moves I have seen done in artistic form. It gives the same feeling a movie like “Crash” does. This was an amazing music video. Check it out below!



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